NMS Server configuration

To configure the NMS application as NMS Server, follow the steps below:

1. Configure network connection on the computer with NMS application, accordingly to the target network.
2. Connect in sequence IP devices (cameras or videoservers) to the network switch. Set up a unique IP address for each device and define other parameters of the network connection. The manual attached to every IP device provides detail information about its configuration.   
3. Run the NMS application. Open the Configuration window and then the Devices tab.  Add devices entering IP addresses, ports and types or use automatic search function. When you add all of the devices, assign them appropriate names. For more information on how to add devices, see the Manual chapter 9.1.1.
4. Go to the Schedule and set recording mode (continuous, alarm, motion detection). In the Advanced tab configure PTZ cameras (if they are in the system). Detailed description of PTZ cameras configuration, see the Manual chapter 9.1.4.
5. Enter the Recorder tab. After pressing Reload button a full list of available IP devices is displayed. Define size and location of video recording for each camera. Please use “CTRL+A” key combination to select all streams easily. On a taskbar at the bottom of the screen define size and path of recordings for each stream. Assign parameters for all cameras and save changes by pressing Use. Full description, see the Manual chapter 9.2.
6.Open the Users tab. Add users, create groups and grant privileges to them. The Administrator account should be used only for NMS configuration. Instructions how to add users, see the Manual chapter 9.3.
7.Once the setup is complete, in the NMS main menu press Save configuration and restart your computer.
8.Run the NMS. In main menu go to the Server,  then RTSP Server and select which cameras are transmitted to the NMS Client. Configure other servers, firewall and automatic start. It is recommended to disable video windows on the Server to avoid unnecessary overloading of the system. Full description of servers configuration, see the Manual chapter 11.
9.Reboot your computer. Make sure that the NMS application operates correctly. Start working with the application.