NMS Client Configuration

To configure the NMS application as NMS Client, follow the steps below:

1. Configure network connection on the computer with NMS application, accordingly to the target network.
2. Run the NMS application. Open the Configuration window. Go to the Devices tab and add previously activated NMS server entering an IP address, port and server type. For more information on how to add devices, see the Manual chapter 10.1.1.
3. Enter the General tab and press Update streams, then add all of downloaded streams to the system. Guidelines how to add new streams, see the Manual chapter 10.1.3.
4. Open the Users tab. Add users, create groups and grant privileges to them. The Administrator account should be used only for NMS configuration. Instructions how to do this, see the Manual chapter 10.2.
5. Once the setup is complete, in the NMS main menu press Save configuration and restart your computer.
6. Run the NMS. Arrange windows according to your needs. Start working with the application. Detailed instructions on how to work with windows, see the Manual chapter 3.2.

Attention: Local recording of pictures sent by server is impossible on NMS Client machine.

In order to ensure video data redundancy it is possible to connect only NMS Server to another NMS Server or NMS Server/Client PC and start recording its video streams. It is typical solution when additional NMS Backup Server is required.