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IP technology, why?

Digital video transmission technology development, more and more powerful and cheaper computer equipment, combined with faster and more stable computer networks have opened new horizons within the security industry.


Main characteristics of TV surveillance system based on IP are as follows:

  • Scalability - connecting new cameras does not require developing the system by additional 4-, 8- or 16-channel devices, the only limitations are the network bandwidth and computer performance
  • Reduction of system installation, running and maintenance costs, thanks to using the existing on-premises wiring - video signals streamed to the computer network need much less cables for transmission, in comparison with traditional installations based on coaxial wiring
  • Thanks to the computer network, management and monitoring can be done from any location
  • The internet connection makes the system range theoretically unlimited - the distance between a camera and a recording device is not limited by single cable transmission distance, but only by the network bandwidth


A wide range of high-tech IP cameras

  • Possibility to choose a camera best suited to the particular application, in terms of features, parameters as well as the available budget
  • Resolution from 720 x 576 (D1) to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) and frame rate from 10 to 30 fps at maximum resolution
  • Large selection of camera types and styles: classic, dome, vandal proof, bullet
  • Some models designed especially for bad weather conditions (IP66 and IP67) and low light or no light applications (built-in IR LED)
  • Speed dome cameras available (including a megapixel model)

All NOVUS® IP cameras are fully compatible with NMS (Novus Management System) software


as well as an efficient and reliable recording system (NMS software)

  • Enables to create expanded monitoring systems without inconvenient licence restrictions on the number of connected devices
  • Software administration and PTZ cameras’ control both from the application level and using the keyboard with joystick
  • Multi-screen operation capability and flexible, intuitive interface with a possibility to create own working panels’ configurations
  • Fully configurable multi-level maps and easy switching between views
  • Creation of advanced event scenarios and possibility to link input actions such as alarm, motion detection or other system events with output events configurable by the user
  • Possibility to integrate the CCTV system with any DSC intruder alarm system, which greatly simplifies the administration of a complex building management system (BMS)


NMS software is provided with all NOVUS® IP devices without additional charges